The Regional Map for Entrepreneurship Development is a business navigator aimed at delivering comprehensive information on opportunities for the entrepreneurial development and providing the informational support to business people. The creation of the Regional Map for Entrepreneurship Development has been supported by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurship of the Republic Kazakhstan “Atameken”.  Information posted on the website is a product of the on-ongoing research project on developing entrepreneurship in regions of Kazakhstan. The Regional Map for Entrepreneurship Development is designed around answers to several key aspects for each region:

1.    What can be produced in the region?

·         What is the economic specialization of the region?

·         What production factors do determine the regional economic specialization?

·         What markets are essential for the regional entrepreneurs?

·         What niches are available in the key markets?

2.    Where it is economically expedient to be in business?

·         Where are the concentration points of economic power in the region?

·         What are the competitive advantages of the region / district?

·         What are the key growth drivers in the region?

3.    Who out of business leaders can become an economic growth engine?

·         What business entities are capable of expanding and growing in the given economic and market conditions?

·         What is the business potential in the region?

4.    What is the real business environment in the region?

·         What barriers (regulatory, infrastructure, human capital, finance) have the greatest effect on the development of entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurship in general?

·         What challenges do entrepreneurs face in the region?

The Regional Map for Entrepreneurship Development is oriented for active and potential entrepreneurs, investors and those, who are interested in business activity. The business navigator offers:

·         Analytical reviews on economic specialization and socio-economic development of 14 regions and 2 metropolitan cities, Astana and Almaty;

·         Information on drivers of the entrepreneurship development, which covers mineral resources, natural and climatic conditions, human capital, developed and developing clusters, markets, infrastructure and business climate, etc.;

·         Information on measures of state support for the business development;

·         Register of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan with the latest contact and other business information.